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Продукти - Изделия от полимербетон

In year 2003 the company started production of components from polymer concrete.
The polymer concrete is a modern material, combining the advantages of plastic, steel and concrete. Actually it is a composite material, got through filling of liquid unsaturated resin with inert filling agents with different granulometric structure. This composite material together with proper reinforcement has very good physics-chemical and mechanical indices:
specific weight 1100 to 4000kg/cub.m;
compressive strength up to 150MPa;
elasticity module up to 3 x 104MPa;
- wearing out stability and damper ability;
operation within wide temperature range (-50 to +800C);
stability to sun radiation;
corrosion resistance ( salt, lye, acids);

Covers for street and pavement manholes, gratings for street drainage, restrictors for parking areas;
Drainage systems;
Window sills;

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