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“RUBOLT”JSC is a joint-stock company with major owner “Industrial capital holding” Jsc .
We are one of the main manufacturers of supporting components in Bulgaria. The company has 70-years experience in production of bolts, nuts, screws, clinchers, studs and other according to BDS, DIN, ISO and ANSI. The products are manufactured using the cold-shaping deformation, known with its parameters precision, high productivity, possibility for production of various complicated products. The supporting components produced through this method are twice cheaper than the universal methods of chips abstraction. The nomenclature includes more than 1600 types of fastening components with sizes from M4 to M12mm.

In year 2003 the company started production of components from polymer concrete: heavy type covers for street manholes; gratings for street run-offs; light type covers for pavement shafts; draining canals; products for the building industry (borders, door-sills and other) .

The polymer concrete is a modern material, combining the advantages of plastic, steel and concrete. Actually it is a composite material, got through filling of liquid unsaturated resin with inert filling agents with different granulometric structure. This composite material together with proper reinforcement has very good physics-chemical and mechanical indices:

  1. specific weight 1100 to 4000kg/cub.m;
  2. compressive strength – up to 150MPa;
  3. elasticity module – up to 3 x 104MPa;
  4. operation within wide temperature range (-50..+800C);
  5. wearing out stability and damper ability;
  6. stability to sun radiation;
  7. corrosion resistance ( salt, lye, acids)

Each component has developed and tested appropriate reinforcement. For example for the heavy covers type “water and sewage” is used reinforcement with section d=12 mm and weight more than 11kg. The two components secure the strength of the products.

The advantages of the polymer concrete products are the very good outlook, attractive price and the fact that they can not be used as scrap.

The products are manufactured according to the requirements of BDS and after inducing the European regulations as per EN 124. For every component of our production we have protocols for performed tests by independent authorized laboratories.

Since year 2003, due to the achieved high quality of the products, “RUBOLT”Jsc won recognition as main supplier of covers and gratings for BTK AD, Electricity Distribution Company, the different “Water and Sewage” companies. Presently on the territory of the country more than 20 000 covers and gratings are mounted, all produced by our company.

In year 2005 we bought and induced the German production line for dosage and mixture of polymer concrete components. This equipment is unique for Bulgaria. The automatic line is controlled by computer, which grants the observation of production technology and gaining repeated result. The high productivity (12kg/min) enables us to offer fast fulfillment of orders. The used technology gives the opportunity to manufacture components, based on clients’ drawings and requirements. There is a possibility for range of different colours.

Scope of products and services
  1. supporting – bolts, screws, nuts, studs, washers, special articles;
  2. polymer concrete and solid surface – covers and rings for cable shafts – light type; covers and rings for street manholes – heavy type; draining canals and gratings; window sills, panels and products of polymer marble and granite.

In case the present information is of any interest to you, our specialists are ready to give you additional information and to answer your questions.

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